Precariously stacked blocks that represent a risky move in the game Jenga.

Lessons from the wreckage of program design gone wrong

My hometown newspaper has been rife with stories lately about social service programs that had launched with lofty goals only to crash and burn a year or two later. Three lessons emerge from the debris.

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Management tips to survive being audited

Being audited doesn’t have to rank up there with root canals and other things that are eventually good for us but awful in the making. That is, if you understand the audit’s purpose and are prepared.

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Learning to give better directions

I was lucky enough to develop some management chops under the watchful eyes of teenagers. It was the perfect incubator for a budding executive, which I was then as the director of a pilot project-turned-non-profit-organization to develop community-minded leaders in El Paso, Texas.

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