ManageWise exists to make organizations committed to the greater good better. We share your desire to govern and operate at a level worthy of those you serve.

We provide honest, reliable assessments and advice to improve leadership, management, performance, and communication. We help organizations anticipate, prevent, and detect issues that impede their success. Let’s schedule some time to learn about your challenges and how we can help.


principled governance

Well-governed organizations operate within a framework of principles that begins with ethical leadership, ensures effective management and control at all levels, and emphasizes accountability for everyone. Every individual in an organization must act with intention to get governance right, and it starts at the top.

ManageWise is uniquely positioned to use its elective office and executive management experience to help strengthen your organization’s governance framework. We can help ensure that you set an appropriate ethical tone and standards for accountability, transparency, integrity, compliance, risk management, strategic alignment, board effectiveness, stakeholder engagement, continuous improvement, and culture.


optimal performance

Organizations benefit from independent assessments of their programmatic and operational performance. But rather than best guesses, managers need qualitative and quantitative information to know if their area is aligned with the mission, using the correct strategies, implementing robust internal controls, deploying resources efficiently and effectively, and earning equitable outcomes.

ManageWise is here to support smart managers. We can help your organization identify and mitigate threats to its success with risk assessments, performance and compliance audits, internal control reviews, after-action reviews, and administrative investigations to help prevent, detect, and repair causes of poor performance.


Information, communication, and reporting

Who among us hasn’t lamented that there is too much data but not enough information? Too much talking but not enough communication? So much good work being done but nobody knows about it? Too often communication and reporting are an afterthought, mistakenly viewed as items on a checklist that can be tackled after the “real” work is done.

ManageWise can help public-serving organizations communicate better internally and externally, which is critical for effective management and sustainability. We can assess your organization’s internal and external communication policies and practices to find opportunities to turn data into information, overcome barriers to understanding, and ensure those you serve get the information they need when they need it.

Let’s schedule some time to meet to discover how ManageWise can be a force multiplier for your organization.

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