Learning to give better directions

I was lucky enough to develop some management chops under the watchful eyes of teenagers. It was the perfect incubator for a budding executive, which I was then as the director of a pilot project-turned-non-profit-organization to develop community-minded leaders in El Paso, Texas.

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Why you should work on your vision

It is not unusual for the people who work in an organization to be blind to or ignorant of its vision, assuming it has articulated one. Even worse is for it to be derided by those being counted on to achieve it.

I once participated in a vision-setting session during which a colleague scoffed at the idea that our little office could do much to influence the future we had just agreed collectively we wanted to see.

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In the Spotlight: O’Neill Construction Group

Four tips to run a profitable business with a higher purpose

Maurice Rahming and Ali O’Neill started their Portland, Oregon-based business in 1998 as an electrical contractor. It has evolved into O’Neill Construction Group, employing more than 100 people and generating average annual sales greater than $20 million.

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